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Chelsee Leef was a well-off Chikorita. She and her friend Mawily were successful merchants. Perhaps not the most successful, but certainly enough that they were financially secure and had a little left over for themselves. As such, Chelsee had her own home, a simple little green cottage near a lovely brook and flower-lush meadow. Only a few rooms, but enough for having friends over for snacks and stories in a living room, and a guest room or two in case anyone, usually Maverick, decided to sleep over.

The living room didn't have much. Straw covered the floor to provide a soft place to sit, some windows let in the light of the sun, and there were some lovely flowers decorating the walls along with some luminous vines used to provide a little extra light at night, but otherwise the Pokémon over at her place would have to entertain each other, which worked well enough for her.

Her bedroom was small and was still somewhat spartan, but less so than the living room. A large soft nest, lined with soft leaves and moss, was in the middle. There was a little table she had bought from some local Timburr which served as a clean place to put her scarf and bag at night. Next to it was a small treasure box that Maverick had brought home from a mission once, and she used it as a storage space for her other things. Small thorns pinned drawings on the walls that a Smergle had made for her; one was of her and Mawily standing proud outside their shop on opening day, another of her and Maverick sitting together, and several others with all the important Pokémon in her life.

She didn't need much more than that.

One night, just as Chelsee was getting ready to sleep, she heard a knock on her front door. "That's strange..." she wondered as he finished taking her scarf off and placing it on the small table. "Who would be here at this hour...?"

She exited into the living room and pulled open the door, and was quite surprised at who she saw there.

"Hello~," said the Eevee standing on her doorstep in a suave young male voice.

"H-Hello..." Chelsee was quite stunned by the appearance of the guest, especially since he appeared to stand on his two hind legs like Maverick, Mawily, and other bipedals. "I-If you don't mind my asking..." she managed to get out, "who are you?"

"Why, Chelsee, I'm wounded," he replied. "You remember me, don't you~?"

She thought a bit more, then suddenly it all came back to her. That one time she ran into this strange Eevee, and he took her out to dinner and let her stay over at his place for the night when she couldn't find her way out of the forest... Most of the rest of the night was a haze, but she remembered him very well indeed.

"Joseph!" she declared happily. "It's good to see you again!"

"Mind if I come in~?" he asked.

"Oh, of course! So sorry!" She stepped aside to admit him. "Please, come in!"

"Thank you, my dear~" he replied as he walked in. The walk wasn't quite like he owned the place, but it seemed strangely close. She could now see he was carrying a small satchel over his shoulder.

Chelsee closed the door after him. "Please, take a seat," she offered. "Can I get you anything?"

"Some clean water will do~" he replied, sitting crossed legs at a particularly soft spot just off center.

"You got it!"

It only took a few moments to get a glass from the cupboard in the kitchen (which had some counters and a stone grill, usually lit by Maverick), fill it with some water from the brook just out the back door, and bring it back. He took the cup and sipped it happily. "Thanks, my sweet~"

"Y-You're welcome," she replied. He was just as good at making her blush as he was when they first met a few months ago. Speaking of which. "I haven't seen you in months," she inquired as she sat down in front of him. "What have you been up to?"

"I've... been around~" he replied as he sipped.

"I never see you in town," she pressed.

"I like to keep to myself~" he answered. "I'm not much for public spaces, with lots of Pokémon. You understand that, right~?"

"I suppose so," she replied. She liked being with her friends, but she did like having some time to herself occasionally. "So, why the sudden visit?"

"Glad you asked~ I wanted to give you a gift~"

"A gift? For me?" This was a bit of a surprise. She was no stranger to gifts, but from someone she only knew for one night?

"Yes, for you~" He reached into his bag and pulled a small stone. It was slightly bigger than his grip, vaguely circular, and was green with some shimmers of purple. It was very pretty, even in the dim light provided by the luminous foilage on the walls.

Chelsee oohed. "It's very nice!"

"As beautiful as you are, my flower~" Joseph complimented. "This isn't just an ordinary stone, however~"

"It isn't?" she asked curiously.

"It isn't~ This is a magic dreaming stone~"

"Magic dreaming stone? I've never heard of it, and as a merchant I hear a lot of things."

"It's extremely rare~" he replied. "Just short of mythic, actually~ I was lucky to find such a large sample while walking in the forest, and after learning about what special properties it has, I thought you would enjoy it most~" He held it out to her.

"Well, thank you, Joseph," she said, taking it with both arms and placing it before her. "What special properties?"

"Well, the story goes that, if you place a dreaming stone on your bedroom windowsill as the sun's setting, that night, you will experience a dream so vivid and unforgettable, you would almost think it was real~"

"Oooh!" Chelsee sounded. "That's amazing!"

"And the larger the stone, the more real the dream feels~" Joseph concluded. "Sadly, however, by the time you wake up in the morning, the stone vanishes without a trace~"

"Only good for one use?" She was a little disappointed about her gift disappearing.

"But what a use it is~!" he replied. "See where it looks like a bit's broken off? After I learned about it, I broke off a little bit to see for myself~"

"And... how was it?"

"It was amazing~ It was the greatest dream I ever had~ and I woke up completely relaxed, refreshed, and ready for the day~"

Her mouth hung open with awe. This was one of the greatest things she ever heard. He had a great dream with just a little bit of it, so with as much of it as she had now... She really wanted to try it out.

"Too bad the sun's already set, so you can't use it today~" Joseph lamented. "You'll have to save it for tomorrow~"

"Yes, I'll have to," she agreed. She could wait for tomorrow night. "Thank you again."

"Don't mention it~" he replied with a smile. He then made a face as if remembering something. "Oh, yes, I'd also like to inform you that you should clear your schedule for the next few days~"

"Clear my schedule?" she asked. "Hmm... Business has been doing well enough, so I might be able to ask Mawily to get me a few days off. Why?"

"Just some friendly advice~" he answered. "A lovely lady like you deserves a break from the everyday every now and then~"

She looked away as she blushed. Looking out for her well-being when they didn't even know each other all that well... It was very considerate of him.

"Now," he said somewhat suddenly, "it's quite late, and I want to get back home before it's too dark, so I'll have to take my leave."

"Aww, so soon?" she asked. She hadn't seen him in so long...

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll see each other again soon~" he comforted her. He smiled at her, and after a moment, she smiled back and gave him a nod.

"I can't wait for that," she said.

Joseph stood up. "I'll see myself out~" he said as he headed for the door. "Pleasant dreams, Chelsee~"

"See you, Joseph!" she called after him. After he left, she looked down at the stone in her paw. "Pleasant dreams..."

Every fiber of Joseph C. Rizma's being was screaming at him.

This was a terrible idea. This was not safe. This was not the usual way of operations, which he put in place for a reason. So many things could go wrong. He was going to get caught. Her boyfriend was going to find out. He would be lucky to be alive afterwards, much less free. He'd have to flee for another countryside. He would never see her again. He would never see his cabin again, and he'd grown quite fond of it.

...He would never see her again...?

Why did he even think that? Why were his thoughts focusing on her? He couldn't even fulfill his physical desires with her, which threw him off so much last time they met she had completely forgotten to have her call him Master. There were certainly other qualified candidates for his attention that he hadn't gotten to yet; her Mawile co-worker, that Dewott chick he had spied training by the river once, there was this Raichu woman that certainly looked like a good time...

Why was this Chikorita girl that was so vulnerable to him that he felt bad about breaking her trust, worth getting out of his comfort zone in a major way just to engage her again?

Was he...? No, he couldn't... Pokémon like him didn't...

Regardless, he had long since already started this play. This wasn't even the first step; that was awhile ago. The stone itself wasn't even a chance find, something one of his other dates had found on his behalf, and it certainly wasn't magical. Just a very pretty slightly translucent green rock. The "story" about any "special properties" was also made up, a mere cover for the events he had already set in motion.

Not that, with his silvery tongue and the tones it could produce, and her doormat-like suggestibility, Chelsee would know what was truth and what was a lie.

And he preferred it that way.

Now that the stone was in her possession, he just needed to wait for her to follow his instructions the following night. After he left Chelsee's cottage, he picked up the Glameow he had left sleeping on the edge of his forest and went home.

Eager to try out Joseph's present, most of the day was a blur to Chelsee. She had talked with Mawily and she had agreed to the Chikorita taking a couple days off after all the hard work she had done lately. She also had lunch out with Maverick, before he would be heading off on an exploration and would be away for a week or so. She wanted to tell him about her having time off, but figured two things.

One, that since they would be apart for the entire time she was free, due to his being away, it seemed unnecessary. He would be in the same situation whether she told him or not.

Two, the fact that she had kept Joseph a secret for so long that she had apparently forgotten, and thus hadn't told Maverick right away, put her in the mindset that she was better off keeping anything related to the bipedal Eevee to herself, including the break time she was taking at his suggestion.

As such, when Maverick and his team departed that afternoon, he had no way of knowing what his girlfriend was planning to do.

That evening, Chelsee had dinner with Mawily before heading home by herself. As soon as she saw the sky turn pink with the setting sun, he fetched the magic dreaming stone from the box (she had stored it there shortly after Joseph left) and placed it on the windowsill. The light filtering through the partly-translucent material produced a pattern of light on the wall that seemed just as beautiful as the rock itself.

"Awesome dream, here I come!" Not wanting to waste any time, she dove right into her nest - not even bothering to take off her scarf - only to find she wasn't tired at all. If anything, thinking about what dream she might experience made her even more awake.

This was a problem. She didn't really have anything to distract her, since all her friends would be home by now and it'd be rude to interrupt them. Then she remembered she actually had something to help that had slipped her mind earlier in her enthusiasm. Out of her box she pulled a metronome. She didn't remember where she had gotten it, but she found that it made for a very good sleep aid.

After adjusting the weight on its arm, she put the metronome on the little table and set it in motion. Tick tick tick tick... She smiled at seeing it was working and quickly curled up in her nest. Even from down there, she could hear the pleasant tick tick tick tick of the device behind her.

As her eyelids started to droop (it was working very well tonight), she looked over to the dreaming stone, backdropped by the beautiful pink-orange sky. It wasn't long at all before she couldn't keep her eyes open at all.

"Good night..." she said to the room as she slipped into a deep sleep.

Tick tick tick tick...

Her boyfriend leaving town just as he was approaching her? Joseph almost wished he could take the credit for that and not Lady Luck.

Later that night, the Eevee slunked his way to the cottage, making sure no one was around to see him. Thankfully, Chelsee lived on the edge of town, so even the nocturnal residents stood little chance of noticing him. Not that he couldn't handle it if he was~ so long as they weren't Psychic, of course.

Making sure the coast was clear, he slipped through the front door. The luminous plants had mostly dimmed by now, allowing him to feel secure in crossing over to her bedroom. He watched her sleeping form for a minute before entering and approaching the side of the nest, taking a quick moment to stop the ticking of the metronome.

...There was no way she still had it. Even her brain would've recycled it out by now without reinforcement. Right?

Still, it wouldn't hurt to try. He leaned over her and whispered into her ear, "Listen to me~ Sit up~"

For a second, he thought it didn't work. Then, slowly, she started to turn over. The contours of her nest, however, caused her to roll back. It took a while for her to get at an angle where her legs were beneath. Then, with her eyes still closed on her calm face and her head drooping slightly, her front half rose her up into a sitting position.

"...Well coat me in feathers and call me a Pidgey," Joseph muttered to himself. Eventually, he got himself to speak out loud. "OK, this time, before I forget, I want you to call me Master~"

"Yes, Master..." Chelsee replied, her voice emotionless and without infliction.

He barely managed to avoid squeeing, lest he alert anyone that may have been passing by outside. After quickly recomposing himself, he addressed her again. "Did you get tomorrow off from work~?"

"Yes, Master... I do not have work for the next few days..."

"Very good~" he replied. "Chelsee, you are going to be away from town all day tomorrow~ To make sure no one wonders where you are, I want you to write a note explaining you will be out spending the day..." He took a moment to think of something, then recalled back to when he first met her. "...out getting in touch with nature and you want to be alone~ Once it's written, leave it propped on the table, where anyone coming in to check on you will see it~ Understand~?"

"Yes, Master..."

"Just to be sure, what are your orders~?"

"I am going to be away all day... I must write a note saying I am out getting in touch with nature all day and want to be alone... I will leave the note on my table where anyone can see it..."

"Good girl~" he praised. "Get to it~"

"Yes, Master..."

Joseph watched with fascination as Chelsee moved around the room. He had never seen her walk under trance before. Both previous times he had hypnotized her, she was either asleep or only standing still. She moved stiltedly, mechanically almost. Also, she opened her eyes so that she could see where she was going and what she was writing, her glazed red irises looking like tasty lollipops that he couldn't stop loving.

"All done, Master..." she announced.

"Very good girl~" he replied. He had just now remembered to take the stone from her windowsill, and was carrying it in his front paw. "Now let's get going~ Follow me closely~"

"Yes, Master..."

He lead her out the front door and out in the general direction of the forest. As they walked, they passed by a tree, behind which was hiding a glaze-eyed Patrat, who scurried off shortly after Joseph had passed her the rock and Chelsee's scarf. He knew she was to take the items to his cabin before heading home and forgetting everything; the stone may not have been magical, but it was pretty enough for him to keep as a token to remind him of his grand scheme; and where Chelsee was going, her scarf would be more of a nuisance than a help.

They spent maybe an hour walking just inside the forest boundaries. The town had soon disappeared far behind him. Joseph occasionally had to pause for a minute to rest, but Chelsee showed no signs of fatigue the entire way - whether it was from her adventuring experience or her entranced state was uncertain. The moon above was waxing gibbeous, still bright enough to illuminate the way.

Eventaully, they reached the bottom of a hill. Joseph knew that their final destination would first be visible at its top, and so called for a stop before Chelsee could continue.

"Chelsee, can you still hear me~?"

"Yes, Master..."

"Very good~ Good girl~ Now, I need you to do something for me~"

"Yes, Master..."

"Visualize a safe in your mind~ It's open right now, so you can access its contents at any time~ But when it closes, it's locked and you'll lose the ability to access them like that~ That's how a safe works, isn't it~?"

"Yes, Master... I see the safe..."

"Now, I want you to gather up all your memories in a bundle~ Everything about you, your friends, your life, everything related to your identity~ The only things that should be left out are muscle memories your body needs to function, your knowledge and skills, and the memory of me being your Master~ Understand~?"

"Yes, Master..." Her arms twitched and her front paws shuffled slightly. Joseph supposed he shouldn't be surprised that a hypnotic doormat like her would act out her visualization a little. "All done, Master..." she said after a few minutes.

"Now, put the bundle of memories in the safe~"

"Yes, Master..." A few more leg twitches, including both her front paws lifting off the ground for the briefest moment. "Done..."

"Very good~ Now, in a moment, I'm going to ask you to close the safe~ What happens when the safe is closed~?"

"I lose the ability to access what is inside, Master..."

"Correct~ So what will happens when it is closed with your memories inside~?"

"I will lose access to those memories... I will forget who I am..."

"Very good~ But don't worry~ This safe has a special time lock~ It will open automatically whenever you see a clock strike midnight~ and then the memories will come back to you~ and just to be safe, at that time you will return to this deep trance and seek me out~ Understand~?"

"Yes, Master... I will find you when my memories return at midnight..."

"As well, when the safe is closed, you will forget there even was a safe~ You will forget you have forgotten anything~ But, deep in the back of your mind, it will still be there and it will open when the time is right~ Understand~?"

"Yes, Master... I will forget I have forgotten..."

"Now, my dear, close the safe~"

"Yes, Master..." Her arm twitched once more, and somehow, her appearance became even more limp. Her head leaf drooped, her head bowed slightly, and her eyes became twice as glazed as before. For a moment, Joseph thought she was even going to topple over, but she remained standing, communicating clearly just how completely empty her head was.

"Can you hear me, my dear~?" Joseph addressed her.

"Yes, Master..." the Chikorita replied.

"What is your name~?"

"I... don't know, Master..."

"Who are you?"

"I don't know, Master..."

"Would you like to know who you are~?"

"Yes, Master..."

He smirked. "You are...~"

Anita's eyes blinked open. She yawned, stretched, and gave them a rub.

For a moment, she didn't recognize her surroundings, but then she remembered. She had just yesterday entered employment as a live-in maid in a grand mansion. She had few possessions, in fact next to nothing, and was able to move into the servant quarters immediately, where she had spent the night in a cot due to all the beds being already occupied.

She was very thankful to the lord of the estate for hiring her. Although "lord" was his title, he preferred his staff call him "Master." She so ever wanted to please him with her performance.

To that end, she sprang into action immediately. Getting out of the cot, she found her uniform laid out on the nearby table. For quadrupedal Pokémon like her, maid uniforms were less covering compared to ones for bipedals. It was a two-piece garment with a button-up sleeveless top and a short skirt, all black and with a white lace hem. There was also a lace headdress, like all proper maid uniforms have. It was designed for a Chikorita such as herself to get on without anyone else's help, and she succeeded in doing so. She didn't see the practicality of having her midsection bare or with how low the neck was cut, but if that's what Master wanted her to wear for her job, she would gladly do so.

The servants' quarters were a series of rooms made primarily of blue-gray brick; she recalled it being in the mansion's basement. She thought it might have been repurposed from a dungeon, from when the mansion was used as a fortress during some distant war. What used to be cells were now small living areas for each servant, wooden doors replacing metal bars, and every one of them wired with electricity from the local generator, running water, and functional... facilities. Since she didn't have her own room yet, her cot was set up in the common room, a large open chamber that may had been a torture chamber. Some days would be needed before they could rearrange the places to fit her.

The common room had a mirror hanging from the wall, which she used to check her appearance. Looking at herself from all the angles she could, she concluded that she was very cute in her uniform and Master would be very pleased.

"I see the new hire is all ready to start her day."

She turned toward the voice, which came from the door leading out to the servants' hallway. Coming in that down and down the short flight of steps to the floor was a Mienfoo dressed in a simple tuxedo jacket with shirt and wearing a monocle.

"Hello!" Anita greeted cheerfully. "You're..." She struggled to remember. "You're..."

"Marcel, one of the head butlers," the Mienfoo replied, his droning voice communicating some combination of snooty and bored, as if he viewed his addressing her below him and this was far from the first time. "You are Anita, correct?"

"Y-Yes, I'm Anita!" she replied a little too quickly. "Sorry, first-day nervousness and all that. I really don't want to disappoint Master!"

"Don't we all," Marcel muttered to himself before clearing his throat. "Anyways, I am here to fetch you. The Master has requested your presence at your earliest convenience."

Anita immediately felt herself break out into a blush. The Master wanted to see her?! As soon as possible?! She didn't know whether to be excited or terrified; she had drawn Master's attention and she'd barely gotten out of bed!

"Normally, when the Master wants something, he would address us using the speakerpipe system," Marcel explained, pointing up to a tube sticking out of the ceiling that looked like the bell of a brass horn. "However, he wanted me to give you a short tour of the parts of the mansion you will likely frequent in your duties along the way, as well as orient you as to the expected behavior of this estate's servants. Thus why I'm here. Got all that?"

"Yes, Marcel-"



"You are to refer to me as either 'sir' or 'Mr. Marcel,' miss Anita. I am the direct supervisor of the lead maid, who directly supervises you, and so I am also your superior and will require proper respect. Understood?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Marcel," she quickly replied.

"Thus the lecture on expected behavior," he uttered before clearing his throat again. "Follow me."

"Yes, sir!"

Marcel's tour lasted about forty-five minutes just due to the sheer scale of the manor. He introduced her to the grand foyer just inside the front door, a look at the massive gardens outside with multiple greenhouses (the sunlight looked even better striking the land here than it did in her old boring nondescript hometown), the kitchen and pantry, the dining hall, the gorgeous ballroom, the elaborate bathrooms with tubs so big they could hold a Dragonite, several parlors, the central speakerpipe room (where all the pipes converged and messages could be passed along by its specialized staff), and various other rooms one would expect from a high-end mansion like this. There were plenty of Pokémon around of all kinds (though if she thought hard about it, she'd realized that she couldn't recall seeing any Psychic-types around), all dressed in uniforms and outfits befitting their position. Most of the males were butlers and most of the females were maids, but all of them returned her friendly hello to them all.

Marcel also informed her of the proper manners befitting a maid of this house. The head maid was a Mawile named Pelon, and Anita directly answered to her. Pelon answered to Marcel, who in turn answered to the top head of staff, Stanford the Grumpig (who was currently in the middle of a week-long paid vacation); and he (were he here) answered only to the Master. As such, any orders from anyone on that chain were to be carried out immediately and efficiently, with appropriate priority. There were a number of duties she could expect as a maid: cleaning was one of the primary tasks, and they also often set the table and occasionally assist in cooking (if the rather large kitchen staff somehow ran into trouble) and ran whatever errands they were bidden. As they were lowly servants, they were to avoid looking at the Master directly (staring was always rude anyway), and were to speak only when spoken to. Anita tried her best to remember it all; following the rules of being a maid would surely only please Master more.

"Stop here," Marcel suddenly announced. They were outside a massive door labeled "Sun Lounge." They had taken several flights of stairs up to get here, to the fourth and top floor. "The Master wished to speak to you in here; just you two and whoever else is already in the room, so I cannot accompany. Remember your manners, and make a good first impression."

"Yes, sir," Anita replied. Truth be told, she was feeling very nervous. She remembered all the rules - she thought so, at least - but to suddenly put them all to practice before Master of all Pokémon...!

But she didn't want to leave Master waiting for too long. So she took a deep breath and pushed her way in through the door.

The Sun Lounge was a large circular room toward the back of the mansion. The walls curved up to form a massive dome, half of which was a giant window bathing the room in pure sunlight that reflected ever so slightly off the clean marble floor; some panels on the side were open to prevent the high heat generated from becoming too unbearable. A lounging chair that looked to be made of mahogany and padded with silk sat in the middle, facing outwards. Standing next to it was a Lopunny dressed in some sort of pink satin dancing uniform that reminded Anita of the desert, with harem pants, silk slippers, face veil, and a pair of crossing sashes that acted as a top; she was holding a large fan made of what seemed to be Togetic feathers (hopefully ones that were molted) and using it to fan the figure lounging in the chair.

Anita crossed the room at what she thought was a reasonable pace towards the chair, the large room giving her steps a slight echo. She felt no need to peek at Master, as she met him the other day when he hired her, and so already knew what he looked like: an Eevee that stood on his hind legs.

Of course, being special like that, he could only be Master!

Circling around a little towards the front, she kept her head bowed as Marcel as instructed; she could just see his cream brown fur at the top of her vision. "You wished to see me, Master?" she asked quietly.

"Ah, Ch- Anita~" said Master. He sounded happy to see her. "Come on, my dear, you can look at me~ I won't bite~"

Instinctively, she looked up, and didn't really want to look away. Master was reclining in the lounge chair, wearing sunglasses on his face and a towel across his waist, and holding a tanning mirror in his front paws. In a moment, he sat up and tilted the sunglasses up to look at her with his caring yet authoritative gaze.

She felt herself blushing a deep red, and her heart thumping in her chest.

"Much better~" he praised. "Your eyes are your most striking feature~"

"T-Thank you, Master," she replied, having trouble thinking through the haze that occupied her mind. This wasn't proper Master-servant relations as Marcel had described it, but... whatever made Master happy, she would do.

"How's your first day so far~?"

"G-Good, Master." She wanted to say it had also barely started, but her mouth couldn't form the words.

"Good to hear~" he replied. "You're probably wondering why I called you~"

"I-I have, Master."

"You see, I've taken a special interest in you~"


"And I have a vested interest in seeing you become the best maid you can be~"


"So I've decided that for today, you're going to be my most personal maid~"


Anita felt so hot, she thought she might wilt. "R-Really, Master?"

"Really~" he continued. "You shall be with me all day and complete whatever tasks I require of you~ I'll do this not only to study your own skills as a maid, but also to help introduce you around to all the other servants~ Sound good~?"

"V-Very, Master." She put on a smile to show how top-of-the-world she felt. She had only ever wanted to please Master, and she would have no greater opportunity than a job where she would be with him all day! "I-I will do my best!"

"That's what I like to hear~" he replied. She thought she saw him glance over at his towel for a split second, but before she could look herself, he continued speaking. "For your first task, go down to the kitchen and fetch me some fresh Grepa Berries~" he commanded. "The biggest, freshest, clump you can find~ And once you find them, knock on the Lounge door and wait for me to allow you entrance~"

"Y-Yes, Master!" she cheerfully affirmed.

"Off with you now~"

With a nod, she was off on her first task for Master. He would be so pleased with her if she completed all his tasks to his satisfaction! She couldn't wait!

Joseph had first learned about the mansion when he had seduced one of the maids that worked there, not long after his seduction of Chelsee. Meridia the Cinccino was on leave and visiting some family in Chelsee's town, and had wandered by the woods while taking in the surrounding area like a clueless tourist. She was a young naive romantic, and as such easily folded like paper in his silver grip. During their small talk, he had asked about her occupation (normally something he learned from observation, but he couldn't do that with non-residents that lived too far away) and learned she was the newest maid to join the staff of a large mansion a few hours walk from the forest. Having been struck by the desire to see Chelsee again, but not satisfied with luring her for a reprise of their previous time together (given he didn't have the main thing that changed available to him), an idea was starting to brew in his head. He got the location of the estate out of Meridia, had his way with her, and sent her on her way with her memory wiped.

When Joseph had found the manor, the Lady of the place was a female Dragonite named Constance. While she was certainly intimidating, especially with the size difference, she was no less immune to his silver tongue and charming wit than any other non-Psychic Pokémon; at the very least, there was no apparent evidence of particular mental strength to the degree that she would be able to resist. Of course, there were Psychics among the servants, so he spent several weeks staking out the place to figure out when it was best to approach the Lady. Eventually he puzzled out their schedule, and found the perfect moment; a time where the Dragonite</i> was outside in the garden while all the Psychics were somewhere on the other half of the estate.

With those out of the way, it was cakewalk to head through the garden (telling anyone else to just keep doing their job and ignore him~) up to Constance. Although she initially reacted with surprise at the unannounced guest, he quickly got into her head and soon they were having pleasant conversation. While he didn't feel the need for any sort of physical intimacy with her, he didn't want to leave her feeling bad in any way, an instinct born from his endless seductions over the years, and so feigned normalcy for a while longer than he was used to. He guided the dialogue until he got her thinking just as he wanted: she really deserved to go on a vacation to her beach house on some distant tropical island for a week, and bring along all her Psychic-type servants to tend to her~ He would be perfectly happy to house-sit and keep an eye on the place while she was away~

The next week was spent planning the trip. Joseph was granted access to the entire estate, and spent the time informally interviewing the non-Psychic servants, going around and talking to them as they worked. For one reason or another, a small handful of them were resilient to his silvery tones, and so he suggested to Constance that they also go along with her~ The other action he did was ensure their supplies and vittles would be sufficient to sustain the manor for at least two weeks, as that would ensure there would be enough to keep the castle fed - and the Pokémon in charge even more so - for the week Constance would be away without anyone having to come or go from the estate; effectively, he insured that they would remain completely isolated from the rest of the world until the Dragonite's return. While the Psychics and other resilient ones found the Eevee's actions suspicious, they were first and foremost loyal to their Lady, and so did as they were bidden. The other servants, of course, would have no objections at all to informing their friends and family that they wouldn't be able to visit for a week to look over the manor while the rightful owner was away~

He also found out in this time that, to his joy, his tones carried their effect through the speakerpipe system.

Finally, at early dawn, Lady Constance and her selection of staff departed for the tropics, leaving Joseph in charge over an isolated mansion filled with servants over which his control was certain. The first day was spent meeting each of them in private one-on-one conversations, presumably because the guest lord wanted to get to know each and every one of them because he was just so personable~ Of course, this was just to ensure his control in the way he knew best. By the end of the day, even the most stand-offish of them treated him as well as they did their Lady with great enthusiasm. He'd even gotten "intimate" with several of the attractive female staff, mostly chambermaids, during their interviews and then edited their memory so they thought it was a mere daydream their thoughts would keep straying to; this had the end result of making about 75% of the female staff very flirty towards the new Lord Joseph. And of course, all the strange shenanigans that would result under Joseph's reign were to be considered normal and there was no reason to question it, even if he was doggy-styling a gardener over the grand staircase~ (Not that he ever would; making sure such shenanigans happened with only he and her to witness was a habit he would not consider breaking.)

Joseph decided to spend the second day patting himself on the back for his hard work thus far, postponed the tasks of visiting his real target and planting the objects and suggestions needed to prepare her to the third day, and wallowed in the luxury he got himself in, getting exquisite massages in expansive parlors (required considering the family actually in charge of the place) and being hand-fed by loving females, whom he in turn fed sweet nothings to get them even more crazy about him. This was certainly a loads better life than hiding out in a cabin in the woods and foraging for berries! He barely fought off the very great temptation to make permanent arrangements; as much as he loved having an army of thralls feed and pamper him, and as much as he could certainly continue leading on Lady Constance and be her shadowy puppetmaster, taking permanent control of the place would require getting rid of all the staff that he couldn't manipulate lest they out him to the explorer guilds, which was too momentous and visible a task. It would be too suspicious if just Psychic-types were laid off suddenly, and they were numerous enough that doing them one by one spread out enough to remove that suspicion would take too long. Heck, holding the place for a full week was already pushing his acceptable boundaries of risk; three days (one to induct the staff, one to have her, and one to clear out everyone's memories and all the incriminating evidence) was the minimum he would need for his plan, but he couldn't help but round up to a week to more easily appeal to Constance's desire for a tropical getaway. Anything could go wrong in a week; he only hoped his suggestion to her to stay for the week unless a really dire emergency came up would hold - and that there would be no dire emergencies. Not to mention any number of other things he couldn't possibly foresee like a sudden doomsday asteroid.

All this, he reflected, just to see a Chikorita girl in a maid outfit call me Master for a whole day.

...Totally worth it.

When Anita returned with the Grepa Berries after longer than she expected, the Lopunny was slumped - exhausted and with an askew top - against the far wall. Master told her to ignore the other servant for now ("She's just coming down from a pleasent and tiring experience~") and ordered her to start feeding him the berries while he tanned. She was happy to comply, and began dropping them into his open mouth, one by one, until they were all gone.

"Thank you, Anita~"

"You're welcome, Master," she replied dreamily. His presence while he was pleased calmed her nerves greatly, making adoration for him the only reasonable-seeming emotion.

"You're really good at this, actually~ Maybe you should be my designated feeding Pokémon~"

"Thank you, Master."

"Now, ready for your next task, dear~?"

"Yes, Master."

For the rest of the day, Anita was at Master's beck and call. Most of the time she was nearby as he went around the mansion and participated with the other maids in completing tasks. One time, she and a group of other maids cleaned the first floor of the library as Master read nearby (she only got "Her Mewtiful Eyes" from a glance at the cover), accompanied by head maid Pelon.

"Master is a very wonderful Pokémon," she told Anita, her face blushing brightly, as they dusted two shelves that were close together. "Polite and not too demanding. Earlier this week, during my performance review, I had the most vivid daydream of him bending me over the table and rutting me senseless. Oh, I suppose I shouldn't be telling just anyone that..."

"I don't mind if you want to tell me, miss," the Chikorita answered. "I won't tell anyone."

"You're a very nice girl, Anita," the Mawile responded. "I appreciate that. Anyways, since then, I keep finding myself thinking lustfully about Master so much of the time. All my maids have told me that when Master's nearby, they'd often suddenly fantasize about he and she... well, "mating" isn't quite the right term since it's likely recreational, but getting together privately. He just seems to have this way of seizing women's hearts like they're putty in his hands. I'd get mad if I too wasn't too busy being victim of it myself~" she chuckled.

"Odd..." Anita mused. "I haven't had any fantasies like that, miss, and I've been with him all day. And I love Master very much."

"We all love Master," Pelon suggested. "Perhaps they'll start after a few weeks living here."

"Maybe," the lowly maid replied. She wondered if Master would be pleased by such fantasies, but decided asking him about it would be going above her position, and so silently continued her dusting.

Other times, Master would send her out to some other part of the mansion to assist someone else or fetch something. Although it pained her slightly to be separated from him, she nonetheless perform each errand as best as she could, so as to return to him that much quicker.

When Master requested some antacid for his stomach, Anita went to the mansion's infirmary, staffed pretty much entirely with the type she knew as "large, motherly, and pink." The head nurse, Belinda the Wigglytuff, was elsewhere, so a nervously-dispositioned student nurse, an Audino with silver-rimmed glasses named Estella, filled out the prescription with shaking hands.

Another time she was to accompany one of the cooking assistants, Bartleby the Chimchar, out to the gardens to restock the pantry with fresh vegetables. They were helped by one of the gardeners, a Bellossom with a red scarf tied around her chest like a low-cut shirt who, by personal choice, just referred to herself as "Bellossom."

A third instance was as the sun was just starting to set, when she went to the home theater stage to help prepare for Master's dinner theater. There she again met the Lopunny that had been fanning Master that morning, where she was properly introduced as Shassa, master dancer and main performer. Anita thought learning some of Shassa's moves would please Master, but her body wasn't built the way hers was. The Chikorita was nonetheless mesmerized by the Lopunny's moves as she watched from Master's side later that evening. She was really good, and Anita secretly wondered if Shassa pleased Master more than she did.

And every time she performed a task correctly, Master would praise her and she would feel a surge of happiness and pleasure through her whole body. She eventually remembered that she wanted this job mostly because Master was inexplicably capable of giving Pokémon such surges whenever they pleased him, and that she had accepted those feelings along with room and board in lieu of monetary payment. She had no idea how it worked, but didn't really care. After all, she couldn't remember ever feeling this much pleasure, and loved pleasing Master so much.

But it couldn't last forever. The sun had set, and the dark sky filled with stars and a large not-far-from-full moon above. Eventually, by the time they looked back around to the Sun Lounge (which at night made a decent star-gazing location)...

"I only have two more tasks left for you to do, Anita~" he told her.

"I'll do my best, Master!" she answered. Even though she had worked all day and probably walked back and forth across the mansion enough to cover a marathon, she still managed to find the energy to keep going for her Master.

"Here's the first one~" he said, but instead of continuing, he took her in his arms and pulled her up to a standing position. She only had a few moments to look confused at him before he planted a kiss right on her lips.

She kissed back with all her passion.

She had no idea for how long, given she was feeling too good to bother keeping track of time, but it still felt like it ended all too soon.

"T-Thank you, Master," she said.

"It was my pleasure~" he replied, gently setting her down. "For your final task..." He held his arm out. "Escort me to the Master Bedroom~"

She giggled as she thought he said "Master's Bedroom" for a moment. "Yes, Master!" She needed her arm to walk, but he was satisfied with her threading her head leaf through the hole made by his arm.

As they walked the halls together, most of the other servants were going to bed as well, and the Furret security team came out for their nightly patrols. They gave Master a salute when they encountered them.

Even though she was supposed to be escorting him, he seemed to lead the way for the most part, and seemed to prefer taking a particularly scenic route, which passed by several large window sets looking out into the beautiful evening landscape. She enjoyed the view and didn't question his choice of path.

Finally, at about a half-hour to midnight, they reached the grand double-doors leading into the Master Bedroom, the pair of Furret sentries outside it already at their posts. They opened the door for Master, who let go of Anita's leaf.

"You did a very good job completing your tasks today, Anita~ Be proud of a well done first day~"

"Thank you, Master," she replied. "I am, Master."

"Time for you to head back to the servants' quarters~" he told her. "Be sure to dream of your greatest love~ Tomorrow is a new day~"

"I will, Master. Good night!"

"Good night, Anita~"

He headed inside, closing the door behind him. She stared at the door after him for several moments before taking a deep breath and walking away.

It took her several minutes to get back to the servants' quarters, having to go down the entire astounding height of the mansion. Upon her arrival, she stripped out of the maid uniform and deposited it down the laundry chute; a fresh uniform would be laid out for her by the linen maids before she woke up tomorrow morning, like they did today. She headed into the common room and crawled into her cot. It was only at that point that she really started to feel how tired she was. She had worked a full day, alright, and experienced what had to be three days worth of pure bliss in return.

As she prepared to settle in, Anita decided to look over at the clock on the common room wall right before closing her eyes. On seeing it was 11:59, she-

The minute hand ticked forward one, neatly overlapping the hour hand. Elsewhere, the hourly chimes played out before twelve more rings.

Chelsee's eyes glazed over, her eyelids drooping halfway down, the spell seizing her before she even heard two notes. Around her, the same happened to all the servants who were still awake; the others remained peacefully sleeping, though they're faces all became more neutral.

Like some sort of zombie, Chelsee rose from the cot and stepped off, leaving the blankets in disarray, before starting to walk towards the exit of the servants' quarters. The others paid no mind except Bellossom, who had just come in and opened the door for the Chikorita so she could exit.

She retraced her path across the manor with mindless determination, only looking straight ahead. Only occasionally did she pass other servants that weren't part of the night watch, still up at this late hour, but they all remained still, with the exception of the few who moved only to open up any door that would happen to be in her way. Eventually she arrived at the Master Bedroom, where the Furret guard silently granted her access.

Joseph was stretching, having just gotten out of his oversized canopy bed, apparently having just been woken by Pelon, who now stood like a statue besides it, staring ahead into nothing.

She walked up to him, stopping a few feet away. "I am here, Master..." she announced monotonously.

"Very good~" he replied, stifling a yawn. "Who are you~?"

"I am Chelsee Leef, Master..." she answered.

"Ah, good, the safe has opened and your memory restored itself~ Just as it should have~" He ran a paw through several spots of fur, combing them out. "Come along then; it's time to get you home~"

"Yes, Master..."

Joseph never did anything without a plan. He ever felt safe enough otherwise. Knowing he would screw so many of the mansion's female staff and not wanting to remember each one he did, he had them all set up beforehand to remember each such encounter as further daydreams, which allowed that part to handle itself.

As well, they were programmed to completely forget about the presence of and any interactions with any Chikorita on the estate at forty-five minutes past midnight, every night he was Master; this would lose its purpose for the next three nights before Lady Constance returned, but better to make sure there was no trace Chelsee was ever here.

Because of that, he made sure he left with Chelsee well before that time. For the first leg back, he elected to use one of the open-top carriages (the standard kind didn't work so well when you were seven feet tall), pulled by one of the loyal Ponyta that lived in the garden stables. This would only last until the far end of the forest he lived in from Chelsee's home, since the carriage would be too suspicious if someone from town saw it. He had to make a stop anyway.

The carriage required no further driver besides the Ponyta (who seemed to enjoy a quick slap on her flank to get her moving~), so Joseph took the chance to relax as the carriage pulled out of the estate and onto the road. He was a little tired - wanting to enjoy a mansion bed as long as he could, he was very early to bed, early to rise this week, and wasn't quite readjusted to being up after midnight. He looked to the opposite side of the cart, where Chelsee sat, still as statue except for the occasional automatic blink of her half-lidded eyes. They were steadily lowering; Joseph knew that someone under hypnosis, left by themselves, would eventually fall asleep, though with Chelsee's unique condition, whether or not she'd wake up in a trance or not was uncertain.

Noting the nip of spring night air, Joseph patted the carriage seat next to him; he was closer to the Ponyta, whose mane did a fine job as a mobile fireplace. "Chelsee, some sit over here~"

"Yes, Master..." she answered, getting up and moving to sit next to him.

He draped his arm across her shoulders and cuddled against her. As he thought, her skin was getting cold in the dead-of-night air, but it would warm up quickly. She should be a nice comfortable temperature. He nuzzled her, but it was a bit like nuzzling a sculpture made of plant matter with the lack of reciprocation. "Chelsee, cuddles and nuzzles with generous passion~"

"Yes, Master..." She closed her eyes and began nuzzling back lovingly.

Now that was more like it.

It wasn't long before they arrived at the edge of the forest, where they encountered a waiting Whimsicott. The Ponyta started feeding on some of the native vegetation to wait for Joseph for the trip back as the Eevee helped Chelsee down. He approached the Whimsicott, who gave him Chelsee's neatly folded scarf.

"Here you go~" he said as he passed the scarf back to its owner. "Put it back on~"

"Yes, Master..." she droned, taking the accessory and tying it back around her neck.

Joseph told the Whimsicott how to clear her memory out and sent her off, then he and Chelsee headed off across the forest. It took maybe another half-hour to get around to the other side, then five minutes more to sneak the rest of the way to Chelsee's cottage and avoid any nocturnal Pokémon. They slipped inside and made their way to her bedroom, and Joseph maneuvered her into her nest.

He noted that the note had moved from where she left it. It had been on the little table, but now it was lying in the middle of the living room. Most likely, a friend - maybe the Mawile - came by, saw she was gone, read the note, and didn't stir the town into a panic-driven search party.


"OK, Chelsee, I need you to listen very carefully to me and take in every word I say~" Joseph commanded once she was comfortably curled up in her nest. "Understand~?"

"Yes, Master..." she replied. "I'm listening..."

"Gather up all your memories of being Anita~"

"Yes, Master..." While lying on her side, her legs were free to twitch as much as she needed them to. "......I'm done..."

"Remember the magic effect of the dreaming stone~?"

"Yes, Master..."

"Your memories as Anita are now the dream you had thanks to the stone~ Vivid and unforgettable~ Its details will never fade from your mind~ Understand~?"

"Yes, Master... Anita's memories are my dream... They will never fade..."

"Now, I'm going to reprogram the safe of your memory now~ I am taking out its time lock~ The safe will now only open when I tell you to open the safe~ And you will continue to forget there is a safe while it is locked closed~ Understand~?"

"Yes, Master... My safe now only opens when you tell me to open it..."

"Gather up your memories as yourself under hypnotic trance since you went to bed after using the stone~"

"Yes, Master... ...Done."

"Place them inside the safe and close it~"

"Yes, Master..."

Joseph gave her a few seconds to finish; she wouldn't announce it, having forgotten almost immediately. "Now, my dear, do you remember anything about the last day, after you went to bed under the effect of the dreaming stone, up to the present moment~?"

"No, Joseph..."

Darnit, he thought. She had forgotten that he wanted her to call him Master. But since he was winding stuff down, he supposed it was alright. "Would you like me to fill in those gaps for you~?"

"Yes, Joseph..."

"When you went to bed under the effect of the dreaming stone, you had a vivid dream about being a Chikorita maid named Anita~ You remember that dream, right~?"

"Yes, Joseph..."

"You woke up the morning after and saw the dreaming stone had disappeared, just as I said it would~ You felt completely refreshed after such a good sleep and lovely dream, you decided you would like to spend your day off from work getting in touch with nature by yourself~ When the day was over, you came back home and went to sleep~ Understand?"

"Yes, Joseph..."

"Just to be sure, repeat your new memories back to me~"

"Yes, Joseph... I went to sleep and dreamed of being Anita... Then I woke up and saw the stone had disappeared... Then I spent the whole day out getting in touch with nature by myself... then I came home and went back to sleep..."

"Perfect~ Good girl~"

She blushed. "Thank you, Joseph..."

"In a moment, I'm going to count down from three to one~ When I reach one, your trance will transform into a deep natural sleep~ All memories of being hypnotized will disappear from your mind completely like so many vapors~ At that moment, your new memory will become your reality~ You will wake up in the morning relaxed, refreshed, and ready to start the day~ Understand~?"

"Yes, Joseph..."

"Oh yes, and you will feel best off not telling anyone about me~ You would prefer to keep me a secret~"

"Yes, Joseph... I will keep you secret..."

"Sleep for me in 3~ 2~ 1~" Just for emphasis, he snapped his fingers.

Chelsee's eyes closed and her body went completely limp. Immediately, quiet sounds of light breathing filled the room.

Joseph gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "Good night, my dear~"

During his last clear look at her, he saw her blush.

Outside, Joseph felt the need to jump and click his heels together. This was perhaps one of the best days of his life, having Chelsee as his doting maid, even if she wasn't herself. "Don't you go and forget that memory yourself, eh Joseph~?" he told himself. Whether it'd stick or not wasn't his concern.

As he walked back to the forest and eventually his carriage, he reflected on what the situation would be at the mansion. By now, Chelsee (and any other random Chikorita that wandered onto the grounds) should've been scrubbed from the staff's minds. And they had already been set up to ignore or reframe any of their sexual activities with him. By now, everything would be back to normal for another fine day of work and Master pampering.

Ah, three more days in the lap of luxury... before being thrown back into the woods. He really wasn't looking forward to having to live off the land in a small, dark - if sometimes cozy - log cabin again, all alone and back to hunting down girls to service him instead of having a harem of thralls at his beck and call.

...Perhaps, then, he should consider trying to get a mansion of his own? He couldn't attach himself to Constance because of the Psychics on her staff, but if his staff never had Psychics to begin with... He could start working wealth his way somehow, perhaps starting with his Dragonite friend offering a small allowance to start with, getting some small donations on the streets... Then he could get a building team - maybe at a discount - to build him a chateau in an isolated area so he could have his privacy... As for staff, maybe he could buy some of Constance's contracts away from her... That new Cinccino girl, the Mawile head maid, and the Lopunny dancer had especially caught his eye and gave him the best time in the sack so far, so they'd be top of the list...

He didn't have the patience to really change a girl's mind too much, but... he did somehow find enough to concoct and execute this elaborate plan to get Chelsee to himself for a full day. Perhaps, now that he had something permanent to really work for - a place where he didn't have to live miserably between girls, a place where he could hide away when he needed to lay low without being caught, a place where he might be able to have Chelsee over without having to completely twist her mind around - he could find some more.

Chelsee's eyes blinked open. She yawned, stretched, and gave them a rub.

For a moment, she didn't recognize her surroundings, but then she remembered. She was at home, in her nest. The sun streamed in the window. She looked to where the dreaming stone had been on her windowsill two days ago; she wasn't sure why there was a little tugging thought that last she saw the window, it was there. She shook it out of her head; that was just silly.

"...Speaking of silly, I forgot to take my scarf off two nights in a row," she giggled. She took it off and placed it on the side table, then saw the metronome she had left out two nights ago and put it back in her box.

She soon got back into her morning routine: first a quick bath in the river to clean up and soak in some water for a new day, then some berries from the kitchen for breakfast, then getting dressed and going out to meet her friends. After spending the whole day yesterday by herself, she couldn't wait to tell Mawily about the amazing dream the stone gave her. Though she probably would leave the "magic dreaming stone" part out; she just didn't feel right telling anyone about Joseph, even her best friend, but that was alright. He lived out in the woods, after all; he probably wanted a lot of privacy, and she would respect that.

She made her way out the door with a spring in her step. She felt relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face the new day.
The Charismatic Lord
Sequel to The Charismatic Stranger

I started jotting down ideas for this one shortly after finishing the first, but after my recent time spent working on a Pokémon game project, thoughts pertaining to this setting flooded in and I managed to finish it over the last few days. I'm mostly proud of how I came up with most of the characters on the spot, with a few being from before and three in particular actually given to me after an RP where I played Joseph.

About the mature filter: There's nothing actually explicit in the story itself. However, Joseph's shenanigans, while not completely visible, are distinctly less subtle than the first story, so I'm setting it as mature as a precaution for wayward eyes. It's pretty much just as safe as the last one.

Chelsee Leef (and other alluded characters) © :iconmandercloud:
Joseph, and Lady Constance and her staff © me
with some aspects of setting derived from PMD-Explorers, dunno who'd claim that
Pokémon © Nintendo and Game Freak
...for adoptable accounts is to post an absolutely gorgeous little thing and say it's not for sale.

Have a safe day.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: schoolbooks, mostly
  • Watching: Ojamajo Doremi #
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...for adoptable accounts is to post an absolutely gorgeous little thing and say it's not for sale.

Have a safe day.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: schoolbooks, mostly
  • Watching: Ojamajo Doremi #
  • Playing: Eclipse Origins

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