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Stupid Laptop by supercomputer276 Stupid Laptop by supercomputer276
GAH! Why is this happening to me?! In recent times, my laptop's power cord has occasionally had problems conntecting to the laptop; nothing's wrong with the cord, it's just that it won't connect properly once plugged in, resulting my laptop, for the duration of the effect, being left unable to gain power. For someone like me, who's used to/feared the unreliable battery of my previous laptop and relies as much on my laptop as I do for damn near everything (I don't care who thinks it's unhealthy), that's a big problem. The first two times I managed to fix it before the battery ran out, but today the third time no such luck. Which is infuriating since I need that laptop for both my schoolwork and my other work, including my GM games, The Mole game, and the Mushroom Bowl battles. And it's the first afternoon of my Thanksgiving week off to boot! If it stays that way for the entire week, I will not be responsible for my actions.

So yeah. Draw what you know.

EDIT: Apparently I was so upset, I forgot to color the hands the right shade. Dangit!

me (C) me
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November 20, 2009
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